In Sales or Marketing? Test Your Cultural Awareness…

Cultural awareness, cultural marketing, cultural diversity…multicultural-diversity-cultural-marketing-test these are a few of the keys terms to a successful multicultural marketing campaign.

Did you know that using general marketing (or boilerplate ) strategies to all population segments can actually do damage to you and your brand?

This video “Multicultural Mistakes: Selling to Hispanic Customers”by Michael Soon Lee is a great test of your awareness….

A life insurance salesman tries to sell a policy to a Hispanic customer.
See how many cultural mistakes you can find.

If you are not able to “see the mistakes”…
there are events that can educate you and your staff and
assist you in being more effective in the multicultural markets.

Richard Aguilar, one of the founders of Multicultural Marketing in the Midwest,
invites you to attend the…

8th Annual Multicultural Marketing Conference and Diversity Awards”
on May 23rd in St Paul, MN


What is the Multicultural Market?

Hispanic, Asian-America, African American, US Emerging African Market and LGBT.

In Minnesota, this represents $10 Billion Dollars in purchasing power…

Is this market a part of your business strategy?

A summary of the agenda with links to the presenters is here:

Multicultural Marketing Conference and Diversity Awards Agenda

This is a content-rich event with quality networking opportunities.

Find out what your competition is ignoring…..

Call Richard directly at 651-665-0633 to register.

Or call me you have any questions…

Robert Zuniga

Video Source:YouTube Channel –

“Michael Soon Lee is an expert on diversity and the author eight books on the topic including “Cross-Cultural Selling for Dummies”. He is President of EthnoConnect which helps companies increase sales to multicultural customers.”

Thanks Michael, for posting such valuable resources ! -Robert Zuniga

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