Are You Listening To Your Market-Got any Grapes?

Are You Listening To Your Market?

Is it Business as Usual ???

Some of biggest shifts in demographics are occurring today.

In the US, the Multicultural Communities, that is, the Hispanic, Asian American, African American, US Emerging African Market and LGBT Markets represent over $2 Trillion Dollars in purchasing power.

In Minnesota, this translates to $10 Billion Dollars in purchasing power.

This trend…is NOT business as usual…

This video has a great message about marketing and listening to the market…

not telling the market what you are willing to do….

If you haven; heard “The Duck Song” yet (over 87,210,758 views)…enjoy

oh….and to get “grapes” for your customers…

get the information you need to succeed in multicultural communities…

attend the 8th Annual Multicultural Marketing Conference help at Metropolitan State University in St Paul, MN
Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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“Multicultural Marketing Conference Access”

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