Why is Multicultural Marketing Important?

Why is Multicultural Marketing Important?

Robert Zuniga invites you to listen to one of the Founders of Multicultural Marketing in the Midwest

Richard Aguilar of Aguilar Productions


1. Why is Multicultural Marketing important for our listeners to know more about?Richard Aguilar | Robert Zuniga | Interview

2. What is a Multicultural Marketing- by definition?

3. How do your clients typically get started working with you on a step-by-step basis?

4. What if our listeners worked with you, how would their life look like in say 30 days? 90 days? 1 year? How about 3 years?

5. What are the specific ROADBLOCKS that typically prevent people succeeding in Multicultural Marketing or your clients from even getting started?

6. What are the specific Strategies that are like keys to unlock “roadblock doors” to achieve wild success in Hispanic Marketing?

7. What is the most misunderstood concept (benefit or cost) that is critically important to a successful Multicultural Marketing Campaign?

8. What is the first PHYSICAL ACTION STEP you’d want a listener to take to get started?

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