Bruce Schwartau on At Your Service-Working With Multicultural Customers English and Spanish Training Program

At Your Service-Working With Multicultural Customers–
a proven training program for your staff (English and Spanish).

Bruce Schwartau-Cynthia Messer-Robert Zuniga-discuss
“At Your Service-Working With Multicultural Customers” Training Program (English and Spanish)

Robert Zuniga gives a brief introduction of University of Minnesota Extension Professor and the developer of the “At Your Service: Working with Multicultural Customers” training curriculum, Cynthia Messer.

Cynthia highlights some key points to listen for in the interview Robert had with Bruce Schwartau.Bruce Schwartau-

Bruce Schwartau is a University of Minnesota Extension Educator specializing in community economics in southeast Minnesota.

Bruce helped Rochester, MN conduct a customer service initiative 4 years ago, training local business managers to conduct customer service education with their employees as well as other business owners.

Before Bruce joined the University of Minnesota he worked for several international firms as a manufacturer’s representative where he gained sales management and customer service experience.

After the interview with Bruce, Robert Zuniga and Cynthia Messer discuss the “At Your Service: Working with Multicultural Customers” Staff Training Program (English and Spanish) and the value of a systematic approach to customer service training.

This is ideal for staff training in business or public service settings including retail shops, lodging, restaurants, attractions, health care or government offices.

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At Your Service: working with multicultural customers …..





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