Multicultural Marketing Tips Trends-Ederick Lokpez [Hispanic Marketing Conference]

The Hispanic Marketing Conference held in St Paul, MN featured Ederick Lokpez as an expert in Hispanic Marketing.Multicultural Marketing Tips Trends Ederick Lokpez  Hispanic Marketing Conference

Topic: Hispanic Marketing Starts At Home. Are You Ready?

Most companies that start marketing to Hispanics fail in their infancy because they are not ready.

They start with disjointed activities without realizing that it requires a cultural understanding, operational support, diversity in the workforce and most importantly middle management buy-in.

Senior executives understand it is important.

However, only a few managers will drive it all the way.

When budgets are tight and fast gains are needed, Hispanic marketing initiatives tend to be sidelined.

It is understandable marketers need to hit their goals; these goals are the fuel that keep companies running.

However, this short term vision plays a pivotal role in the failure of long term Hispanic objectives.

During Mr. Lokpez’ presentation, we will explore some of the most common problems organizations encounter when launching a Hispanic strategy and why it can drive your to failure.

1. Hey you! You speak Spanish! Congratulations on your new job!
2. Spanish has legal implications… Are you discriminating your customers?
3. Diversity in the workplace? What is that?
4. Middle management, what is in it for me?
5. No strategic alignment… Making up your own goals won’t help!

So, are you ready to reach the Hispanic segment?

Ederick Lokpez is a native from Venezuela with more than 17 years of marketing experience.

He began his career in the consultancy world servicing Fortune 500 clients in Latin & South America creating and executing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs for Trans-national companies.

In 2003, Ederick immigrated to the United States where he quickly identified the need to better serve multicultural segment.

His professional background and personal experience as an immigrant provide him with the required blend of marketing expertise and knowledge of Hispanic drivers to create and implement strategies designed to succeed in the U.S. Hispanic market.

Since his arrival in the United States, Ederick has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as UnitedHealth Group, Wells Fargo and Staples, creating and executing multicultural initiatives.

Ederick Lokpez
Minneapolis, MN

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